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Packaging Design Advice -First impression matters.

If consumers  buy your cream or serum, use  them at home for some time and like them, they will come back and buy again. This is our responsibility as a manufacturer to grant you with a product that will satisfy your buyers and cause them to come back to you and buy again. However, the first sale almost totally depends on your marketing abilities and packaging design of your cosmetics.

It is not always possible for a consumer to test a cream in the store, and even when it is possible, the experience is going to be fugitive and easily forgotten. The two things that can really attract a buyer for the first time and eventually help the first purchase to happen are the look of the packaging of your products, and the product scent.

Packaging Design Advice-The look of the packaging should struck the eye of the buyers and distinguish your product and your brand from a great number of other creams and brands in the store, sometimes standing on the same shelf. How to achieve this?


Packaging Design Advice-’Tastes differ’ as they say.  They differ not only in various people but also in various countries. Habits and traditions of colors use and design can be very different and even opposite in various countries. For example, the simple, clean, pure white box design that would feature the high-end cosmetics in some European countries (i.e. the UK, Scandinavian countries) happens to be too simple for Russia where the attractive packaging design should incorporate bold, vivid pictures and writings in gold.


Based on our experience of the importance of the correct packaging design – the design that would meet the tastes of  your target buyers – we recommend you using the assistance of your local designer who would be familiar with tastes and traditions in your country.

It is also crucial that your designer would not only generate a great number of creative artwork ideas, but also that he/she would have certain experience in actual printing of labels and boxes. Some design ideas that would look great while performed on a computer screen can appear quite expensive for actual printing, which would influence the final product cost. Your designer should be aware of printing costs and able to create an artwork corresponding to your product target price.


The artwork should be provided totally ready for printing, in the format the printing houses would require. Artwork Format As Required By Printing Houses.

In case you do not have your own designer and prefer us to take care of it for you, we can offer professional help and assistance of our designer with whom we have had years of fruitful cooperation. Our designer is outsourcing. His work cost is not included into the product cost and quoted separately. Click here to get more information from us


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