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There are clear advantages for the production of private label Skin Care, Face Care and Hair Care Brand. The expended control over product characterisation, development process and marketing remains with the customer and significantly increases his status in the market competition, both in terms of margins and in terms of delivery times and lack of dependence on multiple external factors. We also support brands with the best skin care private label tips.
The process of setting up a private label Cosmetics for Skincare, Haircare and Face Care, in fact maintains the power and vision in the hands of the customer, according to which the products will be built.

Choose Your Private Label Formulations

Depending on your requirements of the private label formulation including private label face moisturisers, lifting serums and hair masks, We will work with you to create your dream based on your needs, vision and budget.

Our Customers enjoy full and comprehensive service of every aspect of producing a product and setting up private label with our skin care private label tips. Read more about Our Private Label Division


See Some of Our Private Label Formulations Here

Private Label Hair Care

Private Label Skin Care

Nurturing Hand Cream Treatment Formulation


Start Your Private Label Skin Care Brand

If you have a concept or an idea for a custom skincare product – cleansers, toners, moisturizers, anti-ageing, face cream private label or any other product you can think of – we can create a formulation tailored just for your specifications to get started your private label.


E. G Cosmetics offer a consistently growing selection of Private Label formulas available such as private label day creams and others for purchase by individuals, skin care companies, skincare professionals and distributors, etc.

We provide you with custom formulation services to start your private label hair care, skincare and face care products. You can either adapt and modify one of the products such as private label foot care or private label face cream from our extensive inventory of formulations, or customize your formula from the ground up.

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All Natural

All our formulations such as private label lifting serums and others are available also as: Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Phthalate Free, SLS Free, Natural Based ingredients, Natural preservatives, Natural Colors.

We have technological manufacturing ability of all types of product textures, such as private label hair masks, foams, gels, liquids, mud masks, powder, milk cleansers, toners, mist, creams, serums, balms, lotions etc.


Container And Packaging

We have a variety of face cream and hand lotion private label packaging and can source almost every type of Bottles, Jars, Tubes, Cans, Cups or Lids in any size or shape of your choosing, please consider in advance:Material (plastic, glass, aluminum) along with private label skin care tips for more assistance.
If you looking for a specific style you are more then welcome to provide us with packaging and we will take care of the filling.


In case you prefer us to take care of a specific design packaging for products like private label day creams, face cream and others ,we can offer professional help and assistance of our designer with whom we have had years of fruitful cooperation. Our designer is outsourcing.

See some of our packaging

Packaging And Labeling

Bring your own design  and we will do it with no problem or In case you do not have your own designer and prefer us to take care of it for you, we can offer professional help and assistance of our designer with whom we have had years of fruitful cooperation. Our designer is outsourcing.
Read more tips about Design and branding here

Are you interested in your own Private Label products?

If you want to get started, and a minimum of 500 units per product is what you have in mind, we are here to help you launch!

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