Private Label

E.G Cosmetics Labs has engaged in the personal care feild for years and holds great reputation and undeniable quality, reliability and professional relations with industrial supplier as well as customers. The vast Knowledge accumulated over 40 years of activity, provides a huge advantage of varied experience in the along with openness and innovation which characterize its practice. These two elements as well as striving for excellence and working with quality ingredients and a winning team, make the company the perfect solution for customers looking to set up a private label personal care products or skin care product almost anywhere in the world.


Private Label Division

Our Private Label Skincare and Personal Care Cosmetics Division is composed of various departments that provide a focused response for each stage of the process.

  • From building concept and deciding the marketing edge.
  • Through the development of formulas and construction of a series of products.
  • To artwork and packaging design consultancy.
  • Applying for and obtaining all relevant approvals and compliance with the requirements of the target countries for marketing and distribution.
  • And comprehensive support for transportation and exportation

E.G Labs excel in providing Private Label services from the get go to the finish line, Ready to start? Click here

About Us

Our factory production starts from placing the order, with many components available in stock which allows the construction of a series of private label cosmetics products to realize quickly and efficiently (depending on packaging ordered of course) All according to the customer’s requirements and specific needs.Read more about company’s structure here

It is no coincidence that the scope of export production in E.G. Cosmetics Labs stands on solid 98 % ! This is possible in view of enormous experience and knowledge of licensing and permits regulations and in -depth knowledge of the personal care industry in all its aspects. The plant currently exports a diversified of products to more than 50 countries in all five significant continents regularly and frequently.

The attentive care provided to the customers is continuous , from the initial meeting to receipt of sales figures and aspects of efficiency . The management team and skilled employees of the various divisions achieve to overcome any obstacle by creative thinking and a real willingness to move forward and provide the customer with the highest quality product for successful results.

E G Cosmetics Labs is a milestone in personal care, yet remains a warm and personal company. The executives personally know all the factory workers and maintain a relationship of mutual respect for the successful growth in the output of the factory. Customary cooperation between different departments employees contribute greatly to its outstanding worldwide reputation.

Are you interested in your own Private Label products?

If you want to get started, and a minimum of 500 units per product is what you have in mind, we are here to help you launch!