E.G. Cosmetics Labs owns a large complex (2,500 square meters) of manufacturing plant and offices in Kanot industrial area, Israel

Companies wishing to broaden their existing portfolio and introduce more products, companies or individuals who aspire to create a unique product or series to realize an idea or a dream.

We retain full confidentiality with each client and each project we accompany. Our customers know that they can totally rely on our reputation in providing excellent, secretive and attentive care. Our customers’ success is our own. We thrive with your satisfaction.

We do not close our door to anyone. We pride in giving best service possible to all, from large established corporations, cosmetic clinics, hair salons and spas to individuals with a dream.

We offer a full and extensive walk through the world of private label. We will provide the initial advice from the get go to the final stage of ready to sell products. We will go on a journey with you to explore all possibilities that correlate with your needs and desires to achieve the most precise outcome.

We are excellent at providing service to Companies wishing to broaden their exsisting portfolio and introduce more products, companies people and entaties who  inspire to create a unique product or series to realize an idea or a dream.

E.G. Cosmetics Labs manufactures all kinds of personal care products for facial skin, body, bath, feet, hands & hair, Dead Sea products, Natural preservatives free products, spa products, professional hair care, anti-aging products, sun screens, hair removals, antibacterial gels, bath salts, lip balms etc. Also, we have technological manufacturing ability of all types of materials such as foams, gels, liquids, mud masks, powder, milk cleansers, mist, serums, balms, lotions etc.

We will provide you with all the tools and information to create your private label products, with personal care and innovative ideas. We will share our vast experience and expertise of 41 years in the field of skincare manufacturing and worldwide marketing to promise the best results for your requirements.

E.G. Cosmetics laboratories LTD have been in business since 1978 over 41 years.


Are you interested in your own Private Label products?

If you want to get started, and a minimum of 500 units per product is what you have in mind, we are here to help you launch!