Skin Care Ingredients

E.G. Cosmetics Labs are constantly developing and promoting natural products based on extraordinary oils from rare and exotic places around the world and, which passed laboratory tests and in-depth fundamental research at the molecular level for determining the quality , degree of concentration and their components beneficial and appropriate to the needs of various products. Due to the depth of information researched by our professional staff many innovative formulations were created and proven useful to customers’ needs according to the progress of science .


Skin Care Ingredients such as Salt and Dead Sea minerals , essential oils and vegetable oils varied , vitamins, proteins , herbal extracts , powders, grains and seeds, all have qualities and uniqueness in body and hair care , these are just some of the components that are used in products currently manufactured in the factory and in markets around the world.

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Mineral-rich Dead Sea salts and mud– Rejuvenate; maintain skin suppleness; impart a radiant look to fatigued facial skin, firm and repair.

Aloe Vera– A cellular nutrient, rich in skin care ingredients like Vitamin C and E, it is a natural moisturizer derived from the aloe plant with the power to heal, sooth and moisturize. With anti-inflammatory properties, it promotes skin hydration as well as the tightening of the skin.

Almond oil–An excellent emollient, which softens, smoothens and nourishes the skin,highly rich in fatty acids and proteins.

Carrot seed oil– Rich in carotene and Vitamin A, promotes and accelerates cell regeneration.Effectively moisturize andrejuvenatesthe facial skin, whilst nourishing, tightening, and revitalizing the tissue.

Jojoba oil– Maintains skin elasticity; restores vitality to fatigued skin. Containing the vital vitamin E, crucial for the healthy rehabilitation and renewal of the skin cells, and extremely effective moisturizer which has an antioxidant effect on the skin

Rosemary oil – An outstanding free radical scavenger and therefore an amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, has a remarkable stimulating effect on the skin, boosting the immune system and blood circulation.

Lavender oil– Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, soothes, refreshes the skin,has a stimulating effect on the natural cells renewal process,relaxes tired muscles and soothes the complexion.

Chamomile oil– A superb Emollient and moisturizer, has soothing and relaxing properties. supple and softens the skin calming and relaxing tired muscles, reducing the pressure and soothing the complexion. Ideal for use on sensitive and delicate skin neutralizing free radicals, and thereby preventing oxidative stress and aging, promote circulation to the skin.

Kaolin-A natural clay derived from the earth. Excellent absorbing and toning proper ties.

Zinc –supports cell renewal, scavenges free radicals, fights inflammation and acne.

Avocado oil– Deeply penetrating and easily absorbed anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory oil, which holds superior moisturizing and nourishing properties. Revitalizes and Smoothens the skin while restoring the skin’s moisture balance preventing dehydration. This rich oil provides the skin with flexibility and softness and significantly increases the amount of collagen in the skin thus assisting in the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. Contains vitamins A, D, E as well as the “youth mineral” – potassium.

Wheat germ– Antioxidant, a natural oil rich in vitamin E “the skin care vitamin” and an excellent moisturizer.

Evening Primrose– Reduces blackheads, pustules, and skin inflammation.

Hamamelis (witch hazel)– Herbal extract that tightens and cleanses the pores in the face skin. Natural astringent with cooling and reviving properties that refreshes and awaken the skin. An effective skin care emollient and moisturizer.

Bergamot oil– natural Cooling and refreshing oil, effective against acne, infections, and skin irritations. Leaves a clean skin and silky touch.

Lemon grass oil– Has a cooling, energizing, uplifting and refreshing effect and antiseptic virtue, contains vitamins A, promotes and accelerates cell regeneration. Effectively moisturize and rejuvenates the facial skin. Contains Vitamin C invigorates and strengthens the skins’ elasticity and tone

Orange oil– Purifies and refreshes the skin, excellent supporter of collagen formation, contains vital Vitamin C that invigorates and strengthens the skins’ elasticity and tone.  Possess Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Arnica extract– An anti-inflammatory and antibiotic, reduces inflammation and fights bacteria, prevents bruising, swelling and chilblains, and helps successfully with sunburn, which makes it a vital substance both in summer and winter.

Ginseng Extract– A powerful antioxidant, preventing the cumulative cell damage; minimizes cell damage from radiation, and increases absorption of nutrients.

Vitamin F – Aside from being an effective moisturizer, plays a crucial role in the skin cells rehabilitation and renewal process in addition to providing an effective protection against free radicals damage due to its anti-oxidant quality.

Vitamin E– The youth stimulator, which induces the production of Collagen and Elastin thus intensively strengthening skin’s flexibility, resiliency and tone

Mineral-rich Dead Sea salts– rejuvenate; maintain skin suppleness; impart a radiant look to fatigued skin.

Deodorizing substances.

Peppermint oil– antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.

Lemon oil– antiseptic that fortifies the skin; effective in treating psoriasis and seborrhea.

Tea tree oil– Effectual in treating burns, fungi and infections.

Mint oil– promotes clarity of mind, soothes pain, eases the respiratory system.

Vitamin E– antioxidant, helps slow the skin’s aging process.

Avocado oil– contains Vitamin A, smoothes, softens and nourishes

Lavender oil– Anti-inflammatory, soothes, refreshes, heals lesions.

Geranium oil– Relaxes, refreshes, heals inflammation and infections.

Bergamot oil– Prevents infection, soothes, releases and reduces tension.

Jojoba oil– Keeps skin supple; revitalizes fatigued skin promoting a radiant appearance.

Rosemary oil– Anti-inflammatory; stops bleeding; balances oily secretions.

Orange oil– Antioxidant; contains Vitamin C; regulates sebum secretions: calms, tightens, moisturizes.

Red thyme oil– Antiseptic with curative properties.

Evening Primrose Oil– Rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that moisturize skin, help to relieve stressed skin and reduce redness and inflammation.

Honey – Contains propolis, a natural anti-biotic that fortifies the immune system and cures a wide range of infectious diseases; effective for treating lesions, burns and skin infections; alleviates pain and psoriasis.

Myrrh– Antiseptic: anti-inflammatory; strengthens the immune system; fortifies nails; relaxes, refreshes

Eucalyptus oil– Antibacterial; facilitates the opening of air passages; eases coughing, soothes mild skin burns.

Camphor oil– Anti-inflammatory; disinfectant; fortifies and refreshes; stimulates blood circulation; soothes pain, burns and bruises; aids digestion; balances body temperature.

Orange Blossom oil– Antioxidant rich in Vitamin C; relaxes; reduces swelling; softens; moisturizes.

Ginseng– Contains healing properties, improves metabolism. Primarily prevents collagenase (destruction of the collagen), as it stimulates protein synthesis and inhibits proteic enzymatic degradation in the fibroblasts. Possess strong anti-oxidant effect – thereby neutralizing free radicals specifically helpful in stimulating growth and increase tensile strength.

Chamomile oil– A superb Emollient and moisturizer, has soothing and relaxing properties. Supple and softens the skin calming and relaxing tired muscles, reducing the pressure and soothing the complexion. Ideal for use on sensitive and delicate skin neutralizing free radicals, and thereby preventing oxidative stress and aging, promote circulation to the skin.

Frankincense oil– Antiseptic; anti-inflammatory; promotes healing.

Mineral-rich Dead Sea salts– restore the hair’s natural softness while replacing essential elements lost through exposure to the sun and pollution

Pure Honey essence–  rich in Provitamin B5, vitamin B and C and Meadow Foam Seed Oil for intensive moistening, suppleness and shine.

Shea Butter –Enriches the tissues with oxygen to accelerate hair growth while preventing dryness and splitting.

Concentrated Wheat Germ oil–  Excellent for nourishing and repairing hair;  rich in VitaminE, an antioxidant that  neutralizes free radicals; Vitamin F containing vital fattyacids highly active in rehabilitating and rejuvenating skin and hair tissues;

Provitamin A– Repairs damaged tissues, prevents splitting and brittleness, whilst stimulating blood flow to the cells; Vitamin B that stimulates healthy hair growth. growth.

Peach kernel oil– Antioxidant; rich in VitaminF containing vital fattyacids highly active in rehabilitating and rejuvenating scalp and hair.

Provitamin B5, Vitamin C and Meadow Foam Seed Oil –  For intensive moisture and flexibility.


Hyaluronic Acid (Hyaluronan) Micro-molecules

Hyaluronic Acid is commonly used as a wrinkles filler – meaning injections similar to Botox. The reason is inserting the molecules deep into the inner skin layer. However, that is history!

Presenting new technology that makes it possible to use micro molecules of Hyaluronic Acid and insert them topically into the skin. This is a key factor for effective real results.

What is Hyaluronic Acid anyway?

It is an essential polymer, the effect of which is crucial for the health of the connective tissue (the matrix), the intercellular communication, and activity of the cells. Its role is to maintain the level of moisture in the extracellular spaces, while it reserves water. Large amounts of this component can be found in the connective tissues of the human body, specifically in the skin, arthritic joints, and in the eyes. In the skin tissues, Hyaluronan assists in restoration and storing of the moisture that is so essential to maintain a healthy and firm skin. Research shows that Hyaluronic Acid encourages the fibroblasts to form new collagen. As we age, the rate of formation of the acid in our body reduces, and its concentration becomes substantially lower. This is a primary contributing reason for the creation of wrinkles, and therefore a key factor in the rejuvenation process.

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