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41 years of Expertise

22,000 Square feet independent facility with over 50 personnel

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In house advanced laboratory and inventive R&D division

Substantial environmental awareness embedded in economic utilization of energy, use of clean energy systems & innovative manufacturing methods.

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Monthly Capacity of 500,000 units per shift and steady growth rate of production capacity and volume output.

Sales in nearly 40 countries worldwide and vast global

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ISO 9000 standard certification for manufacturing facility

Products comply with EU, FDA, Russia, China, India, Japan & Israel quality standards and safety regulations for cosmetic products

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Export Division

Responsible for accumulation of knowledge and experience working with clients from different countries and of course , understanding the various markets and adapting products to many areas of the world .

Export Dep
Tel : 972-4-6267778
Skype : e.g.cosmetics.labs.ltd


Research and Development Division

As a Skin Care Manufacturer, R&D is a Central Division of the company which focuses on scientific research and gathering reliable and important information in the field of personal care. The aim is to manufacture most up to date products at our skincare manufacturing labs, and preserving our innovative and pioneer status in the field of skincare. Laboratory team are highly skilled and qualified, trained chemist, innovative, with many years of experience and knowledge in Chemistry for use in products formulating made at the factory for customers. We also ensure that our skincare manufacturing labs are equipped with the latest instruments.

Quality Control Division

Company’s products are tested before they leave the factory; samples are always taken that allows quick identification and immediate problem solving. Our Quality Control Laboratory is independent and conducts objective and reliable testing of the products.

Moreover, quality control factory operates according to specific standards defined by management, which are higher than required under the Ministry of Health and guarantee a superior product and best high quality components Prior to leaving the factory.

In addition, the plant regularly sends sample products to an external quality control laboratory to confirm the results for absolute certainty in the condition of the products.

This method of operation has proven itself for years with almost zero errors or problem that may rise in raw material. The system reveals any flaw at very early stages, while still in production and solved at the most basic level , without any cost or disruption to the customer.

Manufacturing Division

Skilled factory workers and most strictly working on the preparation of formulations of products from a deep awareness and understanding that is the starting point of the product and therefore has to be the most precise is ensured at our private label skin care labs. Any slight deviation from the formula might change the product and result in a long chain of changes, testing and control. Production workers are familiar with each component in the characteristics and passed many training courses related to proper manufacturing processes for products developed at our private label skin care labs. The employees are professional and experienced. Plant products are praised and appreciated around the world for their excellent quality thanks to the hard work of this and all other divisions of the plant being always at the top edge.

Filling and Packaging Division

Each individual product requires a completely different preparation , both in terms of operating the machines and in terms of making work package itself . Division employees working physically demanding job every day, and do it with a smile, being highly motivated earning a lot of respect and appreciation. End customers who purchase the product, choose what to buy based on packing appearance. This division is responsible for all operational aspects of finished product appearance, and thus entitled to recognition and huge appreciation in the plant and its customers.

Plant production capacity is among the highest in the country thanks to the well trained and experienced staff of the factory along with the integration of innovative and modern automatic machinery in enormous dimensions, imported to Israel especially by management. This investment provides sustaining steady growth in the volume of operations and production capabilities of the plant.

Logistics Division – Storage and transportation

Company’s Products are many and varied in nature, since the plant serves hundreds of regular customers and every day thousands of different products are manufactured. Ideal organized factory is a necessity in any self-respecting company that is responsible towards its customers therefore this division’s excellent conduct is crucial. Division employees have a deep understanding of the many derived requirements of the plant. They are required to excel in organizing, arranging, allocating products to send to their destination. Thanks to this division, combined continuous and productive cooperation with all divisions, the factory managed to prove itself and establish its spotless reputation  in Israel & worldwide for reliable quality and reliable to any destination .

Administration Division – International Licensing and registration

Working relations with suppliers, shipping companies and customers , responsible for the maintenance of correct and proper inventory, providing clients with a safety net in case of excess demand , and ensures proper and efficient conduct  of the manufacturing and packaging divisions, with all the countless raw materials varied and various packaging materials are in stock and available supply of products to customers.

This division responsible for orders of raw materials as well as sending finished products, all fully coordinated with the divisions of the plant and management.

This division uses a smart ultramodern computer system which leaves zero room for mistakes and delays in production processes. All reservations of materials, merchandise shipped etc. are logged automatically in several locations, each division informs relevant information to function and keep the management updated and informed at every stage it is important to roll the product from start to finish.

This system is an expression of the massive investment and future thinking practiced by management and ensures outstanding activities of the enterprise justifies its high reputation and explaining the low percentage of mistakes as well as outstanding volume of production.

This division is responsible for all the licensing and registration of the Company’s products around the world. All products are manufactured according to highest standards and possess a Ministry of Health approval of the relevant country of destination.

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