Hottest trends of 2020

The Christmas Lights are still stored in deep, but that doesn’t mean that we, at Cosmetics Labs are just sitting around waiting for next year to arrive… on the contrary! Now is the best time of the year to work on some of the most exciting changes, developments and discoveries that will soon become the hottest trends of 2020!

Are you in for some spoilers? Let’s get 2020 started!

# 1 trend: The personal tailor-made beauty products

The beauty industry is evolving with the changing of the very perception of beauty itself. Consumers today realize and develop a more defined sense of what beauty is, rather than follow ancient definitions, and are letting go of stereotyped views. This opens a whole new world for manufacturers, developers and brand owners, which requires them to adjust and innovate. Todays beauty products are not only cleaner, healthier and more natural as 2019 demanded, but they are much more personalized.

The entrepreneurs and brands that will best understand this trend’s power, and offer tailor made goods, based on fulfilling individual needs will find an ever-growing demand in the market.

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# 2 trend: technology is beautiful!

Technology keeps evolving, it is everywhere and everything, so no wonder beauty industry also finds creative ways to become more up to beat with new technological solutions. This year, we are not only talking about the formulation side, rather the end user side which is being upgraded! Well, it’s about time our skin gets it’s own app! Yap (haha) skincare routine and haircare follow-up have never been this easy to manage.  (Be sure this app is only the beginning as 3D printed face masks individually are on their way too)

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# 3 trend: Encapsulated Ingredients.

When we say encapsulation, we mean coating active ingredients, in a suspension cover which maintains their stability while inside the formulation! This allows for slow release of the substance over time which increases the efficiency and thereby- affecting dramatically the related results.  

# 4 trend: Pollution Protection!!

As our world races forward with pollution, the need to protect and reverse the damage to our skin and hair is becoming extremely necessary and more effective.

# 5 trend: CBD Oil is king!

Extracted from the cannabis plant, this unique oil is gaining more and more popularity in the skin care industry for being nourishing and overall beneficial for skin texture and tone.


Well, now you have them, the big 5 trends for 2020!! Hope your excited as much as we are! For further questions contact us

Private Label Skin Care Tips


Well, now you have them, the big 5 trends for 2020!! Hope your excited as much as we are! For further questions contact us

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