Are you making the most of your Amazon Seller business?

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Many today find Amazon to be a great source of customers for online traffic and sales. However, there are Amazon sellers who make few dollars a week, few dozens a week and some who seem to beak the system and make hundreds and even thousands of $$ a week.

How and why do you think it is? And most importantly, how do you increase the odds of succeeding on Amazon? Here are top 5 must haves for making it big as an Amazon seller:

First of all, people who make it big on Amazon, understand that it can be a full-time job. There is a need to invest the hours if you want to cash in. the profit / investment is directly linked to each other and that is the beauty of it. There is no set salary, there id no glass ceiling, it all depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put in.

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Second tip is infrastructure. You can’t really expect a building to stand the test of time if it is not well structured and founded in the earth, right? The fruits are the last to come. There is a long period of watering, pampering, checking and bettering before you can actually taste the fruit. Be prepared, this is an investment for the long run, and it is not fast money as some believe and even mislead others.

Third, Amazon is not a children’s playground. They take everything into account in providing best experience for their customers. Make no mistake, as an amazon seller, you are a tool. And only effective, good, honest, long lasting tools make the cut. You will be constantly examined, constantly checked and monitored in order to make certain that you provide best experience, value for money, honesty and dependability to your (amazon’s) customers. You will need to make sure you learn and strictly follow the rules, or you will not be able to sell or promote your goods.

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Fourth, if you want to sell like a pro and have a large business and customers base, you need to find the right market. You must study and understand the best fields to penetrate into in order to offer and become a valid opportunity for customers to want to try and get familiar with. Building your reputation, trust and long-term relationship with potential buyers is crucial.

Fifth and final, you need to be confident in what you offer. That means you need to choose your product manufacturer carefully. If you have the best product in mind, but it is manufactured with flaws, doesn’t work within the time frames and fails to deliver on its promise- you are the front line. It is YOU who gets the bad reviews, you who stand to blame and you who loses business and takes the hit from Amazon as well- risking your grounds. So, choosing your private label manufacturer and personal brans factory is super important. Look for those with long term experience, high standards of service and availability, who solve problems fast and listen to your needs.

To sum it all up. The best tip for Amazon sellers is to remember that your success depends on your good foundations, your respect for your customers and for the platform itself. Work your way smart, slow and be patient. Invest the required time and energy and make decisions with care and in depth thought.

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